Evaporative cooling systems are one of the oldest forms of climate control, providing a proven and effective alternative to traditional air conditioning.  Requiring no ductwork and able to be plugged into any household outlet, they are a perfect choice for targeted conditioning.  Contact the knowledgeable specialists from Story Heating & Air to find out if an evaporative cooler is right for you.  Through same-day service, new system installation, seasonal maintenance, and repair across Chico & Surrounding Areas, we ensure peak performance from your cooling equipment.

Enjoy the benefits of an evaporative cooler installation!

Using up to seventy-five percent less electricity than standard cooling methods, evaporative coolers deliver significant savings on monthly utility costs.  Installation is quick, affordable, and non-invasive.  In fact, these system are economical in every way, requiring very little maintenance and proving exceptionally reliable.  Evaporative cooling systems use moist pads as part of the cooling process, which are less costly to replace than air conditioning filters, and effectively trap dust and pollen. These units naturally add moisture to a house, safeguarding wood furnishings, and making them ideal for people who suffer from allergies and asthma.  And because the evaporative cooler circulates outside air throughout your indoor space, you’ll enjoy a consistent supply of fresh air.

For evaporative cooler services, call the team from Story Heating & Air!

Contact Story Heating & Air for more information.  Our licensed technicians are happy to explain operation, features, and options.  We offer a range of sizes to answer any comfort challenge, and by matching your specific demand, keep running costs at a minimum.  While evaporative coolers are not as common as conventional air conditioning, these system provide numerous and worthwhile benefits.  At Story Heating & Air, we make sure that homeowners across Chico, Paradise, Oroville & Forest Ranch, CA take advantage of the perfect solution for ideal and affordable comfort.