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Shopping for a new heating system can be overwhelming.  There are numerous decisions to make, and each one will greatly affect your long-term comfort, budget, and satisfaction.  It can be difficult to know where to begin.  For homeowners in Chico & Surrounding Areas and the surrounding areas, there’s no need to worry.  The team of qualified professionals from Story Heating & Air simplify and guide you through the process.  We provide information, options, and knowledgeable recommendations to ensure your every choice adds up to total satisfaction.  Accurately calculating the proper size of the unit and completing meticulous installation procedures, we optimize performance, efficiency, and longevity.  Whether you’re installing new or replacing failing equipment, Story Heating & Air is the first step that leads to your lasting comfort.

Top Quality Heating Installation Service

With well over a decade of answering the challenges of local weather in all styles of homes, Story Heating & Air targets your specific requirements and expectations.  As a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, we specialize in a wide selection of proven heating systems that provide more than dependable temperature control.  With unmatched efficiency ratings, Perfect Heat technology (to automatically adjust system capacity to changing conditions within the home), variable speed air delivery, lifetime limited warranty on heat exchangers, and so much more, Bryant furnaces and heat pumps are an example of industry leading and ENERGY STAR qualified technology.  For everything from economical heating, to customized control from your smartphone, Story Heating & Air meets your specifications for budget, and improves the enjoyment and usability of your indoor environment.  When you’re considering heating installation anywhere in Chico, Paradise, Oroville & Forest Ranch, CA, Story Heating & Air delivers perfect solutions and protects your investment.

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